c’est moi


I’m a visual artist with interests in several mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture and fiber arts.  Along with working in various arts, I’ve got a load of other interests and hobbies, including reading, book collecting, gardening, mythology, ancient history, earth and space sciences.  And then there’s the fiber-related activites – I like them all.   Currently I just knit, crochet, sew, and spin (sort of).  In the future tapestry weaving, cloth weaving. . .

Boredom is not something I’m afflicted with – I just have to deal with there not being enough hours in the day.

I intend to focus on things fiber here – ranging from fiber sources to fiber arts, including projects underway and completed.  I’ll be adding a bibliography, starting with the books currently in my personal library, but adding additional titles as I come across them.  I’m also hoping to do some casual research into various types of fiber, as well as looking at the history of various tools and techniques.

happy spinning, knitting, etc –


http://keroleary.wordpress.com | http://tainn.wordpress.com

updated: 1 February 2014


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