linen and lace

Leaf Morphology - linen lace scarf

Leaf Morphology scarf – linen lace, original design

I have a bit of an obsession with flax fiber and linen fabric – pretty much since I first touched the vintage table linens my grandmother had stored away, way back when I was quite young.  Until recent years, the obsession was limited to the buying or sewing of linen shirts and pants.   Now I’m knitting with linen yarns and threads, and I’ve even started spinning flax to make my own handspun linen.   True obsession, eh?

leafmorphology-1a-10  leafmorphology-1a-14

Leaf Morphology is a lace scarf I designed last year –  I even wrote up a pattern for it (which I need to do a little tweaking to yet).   The scarf has five different leaf patterns, several of which I modified from existing stitch patterns.  Knit with 16/2 linen from Sweden, the scarf will continue to get softer and softer over the years.

leafmorphology-1a-5  leafmorphology-20_medium2

My next linen lace project is going to be made with my own handspun.  I finished my first large flax spinning project this past fall –  superfine flax spindle spun (on a Cascade Little Si) into 678 yards of singles at 76 wraps per inch.

strix-20131016-IP3  strix1-1

I plan to be making more linen yarn this summer.  Flax is the perfect fiber to spin in warm weather – while wet spinning I just keep flinging drops of water over myself whenever I shake the excess off my fingers.


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