catching up the unravel’d thread

Time flies by, sonic boom follows.  It’s horrifying how fast time is speeding by these days.  Have some iced tea while I catch up with a few recently crocheted projects.


I’ve been delving into vintage and antique patterns of late, the oldest of which was published in the early Victorian period.  Rather a challenge to figure out from the way the instructions are written but there was a most helpful drawing included.  The pattern is from The Court Crochet Doyley Book by Mrs Warren, and was published in London in 1847.  This is doily, or doyley, number 1 –  I’ll get around to the other three doilies in the book eventually.  The book is a PDF version available courtesy of the Antique Pattern Library


Other crochet projects include several table toppers – a small tablecloth, and several runners and doilies.  The crocheted motifs were gleaned from various books,  several that are collections of patterns of vintage age, but the books themselves aren’t all that aged.  This one is called Crinoline and is from 150 Favorite Crochet Designs, ed. Mary Carolyn Waldrep (Dover Books).


The square piece uses the Diamond Lace Motif from Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia, Robyn Chachula; the motif used in the round doily is Bermuda Triangle, from The Harmony Guide to Crocheting, Techniques & Stitches, Debra Mountford, ed.

katabasis-return1    katabsis-theconsort2

The tablecloth is finished but not yet blocked – I’m stalling as I’m thinking of redoing the edging.  The large motif is Lucky Star from Waldrep’s book.


I had fun designing the little connecting motif in the tablecloth – it’s a starred ziggurat or maybe Ziggurat Star.


Well, I’m curious to see if I can manage to update the rest of my projects here in a timely fashion.  And then maintain things, regular like.  Not taking any bets on it either way, but I will be trying to get back here very soon.


2 thoughts on “catching up the unravel’d thread

  1. Here I am, back half a year later. And thank you!

    I’ll definitely continue working with antique and vintage patterns – if only for the fun of puzzling out the instructions. 🙂

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