Handspun “Vintage”

It seems I have some catching up to do.  I may have neglected posting of late but I haven’t been particularly idle.  Well, other than a few days here and there last month while fighting off a cold, then while succumbing to the cold and, eventually, recovering from it (cold viruses stay awhile with me, thankfully they seldom visit).

Anyway, besides my drawing, and quite a lot of coughing, I’ve been busy spinning, knitting, and crocheting –  lots of finished projects to show for it, as well as some new works in progress.

In fact, I’ve been so busy with my art and various crafts that my reading has really slowed down. An effect I find rather annoying.  I’m thinking of rigging something to hold a book in place so I can do some reading in while spinning and knitting.

First up, well only thing up for today, is the first project made using my own handspun yarn. The yarn is a somewhat over-twisted  affair (newbie spinner, me) which was spun from a hand-dyed braid of 3.4 ounces of Peruvian wool from Nooch Fiber.  I ended up spinning over 300 yards of it for a skein of 178 yards of 2-ply. 















Same scarf, different lighting.  I used the very simple garter stitch for the body of the scarf, garter stitch being a longtime favorite,  and a bit of crocheted edging. – I used just about every scrap of that yarn. Named Vintage for the old rose and lavender colors.


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