I did so much knitting and crocheting the last couple months that my hands called a strike last week. At least they’re letting me do some spinning while they recover.

Over the last three months I made 28 items, and I made most of my Yule gifts this year – finished twenty, with two more yet to complete. All small items – mostly hats, fingerless gloves/mitts, scarves, and cowls.

Slip-stitch crocheted hat: "Hollyberry", named for the colorway from KnitPicks Swish yarns.

It was fun doing all those projects – finishing most of them was the amazing part. I think I’ll start a little earlier next time though as I’m lucky my hands didn’t throw in the towel several weeks before.

Although I still have a couple of items owed people and will get those done in the next six weeks or so, as well as a couple of items I’m working on for birthday gifts, I need to make a few items for myself:  I finished a black garter stitch hat last week, and I have half a pair of fingerless gloves done.  Actually, I have two halves: one dark grey crocheted glove, and one black knit one.  I’d like to get both of those finished so I have them to use this winter – if it should actually get cold enough for me to go about in gloves.  Ah, but they are mitts – I can probably wear fingerless gloves even if it’s on the warm side (50F or more).

MINE!: midnight toque, garter stitch knit

It seems apparent that I like to do simple, plain knitting.  I can do fancier work – but I like to wear the cozy, plain items.  I think my favorite knit stitch is garter, and my favorite crochet stitch is the slip stitch – can’t get much plainer than that!

I have lots of projects planned for this year, and I’m looking forward to creating my own designs.  In the meantime, I’ll be off to do some more spinning while my hands recover from their holiday knitting blitz.

Happy New Year!


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