creating cowls

I love making cowls.  I’d never made them before last month, but now I’m quite a fan.  I love making scarves but some of them take quite a bit of yarn, as well as time, to make; cowls are a nice alternative to make for a neck-warmer..

Cowls are particularly fun to crochet. The first one shown here is the honeycomb cowl from a pattern in Crochet So Fine, by Kristin Omdahl; the second one, chrysanthemum cowl, I designed and crocheted using a stitch pattern from one of my stitch dictionaries.

I’m also still working on the first one I started, shadow thistles, which is knitted. It’s still in progress as I had to set it aside for a bit, but I expect to finish it in the next week or so.

I have plans to make more.  I’ve got some recycled cashmere winging its way to me (I caved and did some shopping on Cyber Monday), and have some lovely soft alpaca yarn and some lace-weight merino that I intend to shape into cowls.  I’ve got some favorite patterns on Ravelry that I may use, or perhaps do some more designing.

(I know my photos are rather poor quality – lighting issues as usual.)


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