spindle acquisition underway

Current spinning projecdts - skeins 4 and 5 in progress

Last week it became quite apparent that having just one good spindle to work with is an entirely insufficient number of spindles to have at hand.  I’m now in week five of learning to spin and it turns out that, just as with all my projects (e.g., drawing, knitting, crochet), I like to have multiple spinning projects underway.  So, last week I caved, and with amazing alacrity I might add (the time between discovery and decision would best be measured in microseconds), and ordered a walnut top whorl spindle from Kundert Spindles.  It came this week and even though I am still a klutz at spinning I can really get that sucker zooming!  Wow, what a difference a well-balanced spindle makes.  My new beauty is on the left, resting atop a sumptuous Corriedale roving that I bought from Weaving Works last month.  My first beautiful spindle is a French supported made by Lisa Chan of grippingyarn.com, and is shown with the alpaca I pulled out of my archive of spinning fibers.

The Archive is a small collection of spinning fibers I gathered up over the years in anticipation of learning the craft of spinning.  The wait has been long: I think that alpaca is at least 15 years old.  I was having a hard time spinning the stuff – grumbling about being a clumsy noob, when it came to me that perhaps the fiber was a wee bit compacted, eh?  What a noob.  It’s been smooth spinning since that d’oh moment.

I’m already rubbing hands together in anticipation of my next spindle acquisition – because, yeah, I need more.  Another support spindle perhaps?  I love my French spindle, but maybe I should try a Russian support spindle next? Or a Tibetan? I’m fairly certain my next drop spindle will be a Golding.

Well, I’m off to moon over some hand-painted roving on Etsy while I spin up more of my alpaca.


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