knitting shadowy thistles

knitting in progress: "shadow thistles cowl"

I’m currently in the middle of about a dozen active fiber-related projects: 2 spindles accumulating handspun; 4 crochet projects, two of which are throws; and five or six knitting projects, which are thankfully mostly small items.  One of the current knitting works in progress (aka WIP) is a lace cowl which I should have finished by now, but as I have to remember where I am in the pattern I’m only knitting on it when I’m not distracted.  Otherwise I end up wasting time studying the pattern trying to figure out what row I left off at.  Ten minutes previously.  (I’m not organized enough to actually leave that information lying around.)

I’m knitting this based on a lace stitch pattern, and the shaping of several different cowl patterns of cowls I found online.  Eventually I may knit this again, and write the pattern down.  In the meantime, I’m winging it as usual.  So far, so good.


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